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What is content marketing? In a nutshell, it’s providing powerful content for your target audience which will make your business stand out.

You could be starting a business online, with carefully planned and executed website marketing or relaunching or improving your brand, services and products – but make no mistake, either way, content is king.

All the successful businesses are at it, including the online behemoths, not selling just products and services but excellent content – customer reviews, expert reviews, backlinks from other sites, inbound links, social shares – yes they’re all there.

When you make your decision who are you more likely to place an order with? The one you trust and that gives you the product, or answer, you are seeking.

It’s the same everywhere – your business strategy must focus on content marketing

Powerful Content

For many businesses, their first objective is to show up in the search results locally.

20 years ago, Bill Gates said “Content is king.” he was right, but what did he mean?  We are in a world now where consumers often head straight for Google looking for valuable content. Instead of picking up a phone and getting the lowdown from sales, they’ll read a website for information.

A 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 30 years ago even, no one would share their content – okay the online world was dormant but no one shared trade tips or advice.

YouTube and Google have opened up content for all to see. Your business has to have the right information, tips, advice, persuasive power to make people come to your website and then stay and revisit.

Blogs are your weapon of choice here – there’s no mystery to them though if you know how Google works. You see there’s this rather grand term called Search Engine Optimisation – it means the right content pushes you up rankings on Google. Someone searches for a wedding photographer in Kent, certain results come up first – it’s not a fluke or a fiddle – it’s because those websites at the top of Google have worked hard optimising their content. We are experts at that too.

It’s all about keywords, researching them and integrating them into valuable content.

We know how to write blogs in our team, not just to please Google but to engage and convert visitors into customers.

Blogs are an essential part of content marketing for business.

Your Target Audience or Market

You’ve got to know who your customers are, what they’re searching for online and how to appeal to them to keep them coming back.

It’s content that is relevant to your market – it’s perhaps not the wisest strategy if you’re say an online florist writing blogs about cars – that’s not what your target audience wants and it’s not what Google wants for your business. Much better is to write expert tips about caring for cut flowers, when to feed houseplants and what with. A top 10 tip list.

Know your audience, and market the right content to them.

We’ve built websites for a huge variety of businesses and we always ask at the outset who is your target audience and what will they be interested in seeing and reading. The target audience may be restricted to one area – if you have a defined location you work in, you target that audience locally not just through SEO but through a powerful social media strategy.

You use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to steer your content rich website, and get shares, likes and follows – which gains website visit, nourishes your business and accelerates you up Google rankings. More on Social Media below.

Build Trust & Authority

Making your business stand out.

It’s highly unlikely that your business can compete against multinationals with millions in their marketing budgets, so you’ve got to find ways of making your business stand out.

Trust is something we like to talk about at Burchell Web Design  – it’s human nature, we all like to do business with people we like and trust.

A great website, carefully built for Google rankings and your target audience, that stands out from others, with fresh content, marketed across many platforms, will give you the edge.

Trust is vital.

Reviews and testimonials will tell others what they think and will lead to more business.

Your writing, your blogs, your news sections, should all show you’re an expert in that field. To use a technical term, it’s called Thought Leadership and doing this will make your business stand out.

Social Media Strategy

Your content is king, but your social media strategy is a vital way of getting this showcased, read and shared. Content and curation.

You may or may not spend much time on social networking but that is irrelevant, I’m afraid, because most of the world does.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram all feed your audience’s desire for knowledge – that’s why those hashtags are used – it’s not a trendy way of writing something – they feed searches.

Social media doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be your best friend.

There is scheduling software that lets you write updates in advance and schedule them for optimum times. Or you could trust us at Burchell Web Design to curate content and feed them into social media – call us for a chat about this.

Great content to the right target market, posted on social media will make your business stand out and grow.

It Just Works!

So, with changing consumer habits, the content of your website must:

Increase visibility.

Creating valuable and useful content ensures you come to the attention of more people. Visibility is increased.

Encourage backlinks for SEO, social shares and traffic.

Great content gets shared, gets noticed and gets visitors. Any one of these could be a customer.

Be optimised for long tail keywords that are easier to target through the website’s pages and posts.

Targeting many long tail keywords means you reach a more specific audience. You can gain as many, if not more, valuable visitors with a varied spread of keywords. Search for ‘Advert Design’ and you will always be trying to achieve page one. Target ‘Advert Design for Dentists’ and ‘Advert Design for Small Businesses’ and you have hit your target market.

Generate new customers, or clients.

With more traffic comes more potential customers. Gone are the days of buying backlinks to climb the rankings. Now you have to earn it. And trust us. It just works.

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